Unsalted Butter

The “normal” stuff, as far as we’re concerned in the States. Great on waffles, pancakes, and toast, salted butter is a versatile finishing butter you most likely know, love and have in your fridge right now. Commercial butter in the U.S. has to contain at least 80 percent butter fat and is considered “sweet cream” butter, meaning it’s made from fresh pasteurized milk versus cultured or fermented milk (more on that later).

Unsalted is the same thing, but no salt. If you’re doing some baking or making a pan sauce, you’ll want to use unsalted butter to make sure your end product isn’t overly salty; it’s hard to control how much salt is in the butter, so using unsalted butter ensures that you can properly control the salt in your dish. Unsalted butter on toast or waffles is bland, though, so if this is all you have for those, make sure you sprinkle a bit of salt on there.

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